Art Synergy



printmaking, students testing their handmade stamps in a pubilc school in Chandigarh, India.

In-school art & design programs to help students develop creative confidence and gain the skills to design on their own terms

Children in a classroom teaching each other to read and comprehend a book about bio-luminescent creatures. This is after a class-reading is done for two stories/books. The books have been sourced via Pratham Story Weaver.

English language programs to enhance communication, expression, fluency & creativity


meaning of art. Things created with creative skill and imagination that expresses ideas and feelings.


meaning of synergy. producing a more powerful effect than the individual elements.


meaning of art synergy - experiencing the power of  multiple art forms, people and arts for wholesome education, collective action and improved lifestyles.
Illustration of heads and hands. We need great minds and skills and doers in our team as volunteers and interns. If you are one or know someone, email us at

To achieve all that, and well, we
need more heads, hearts and hands;
and unabating support.

Join button. The button takes you to the page where you can find opportunities for volunteering or joining as an intern.
Contribute button. The button links you to the contribute page where you will find multiple ways to make a contribution for providing kids in under resourced schools or communities access to opportunities of learning and experimenting with arts.and design.
illustration of hearts and more hearts. We want people to join us in thoughts and action.
illustration of money. Our efforts have only come this far because people have put in their money along with their faith in our work with children and the arts. If you can support the cause, we'd be happy to see you do so. People often only see material requirements but we require funds for logistical and intellectual purposes as well as for delivering effective lessons to the students we work with.