our work

Art & Design Programs

Curated collection of sessions for children aged 10 and above to enhance a range of artistic skills. 

A group of Indian school boys designing newspaper furniture during a design workshop in a classroom.

We follow a self-made curriculum that includes rigorous and interesting sessions on various art forms (including painting, printmaking, illustration, typography, comic making etc.) during zero-period in public schools and after school.

Picture of 10 colorful different finger puppets finger puppets worn on ten fingers of a student. The designs are cow, cartoon, hen holding a 3D bouquet, dinosaur, hippo on fingers of left hand and baby wrapped in a sheet, heat with eyes hands feet and legs, another hen in orange color, hen in yellow color and a girl with cap on her head and flowers in hand.

Why Art :-

In a world with abundant and excellent platforms for learning and showcasing, a large part of our society is left out because of the barriers to access or lack of resources and a disciplined approach. At Art Synergy, we aim to build spaces for creative indulgence by using art-based exercises to bring a wholesome learning experiences to children.

An arts based curriculum advances better and clear communication, confidence and risk taking, collaboration, decision-making, self-concept & perseverance and instills qualities that drives them to take charge for tasks, big or small. These, we believe are essential life-skills that educators don't get to teach explicitly in a classroom. 

English LanguagE  Programs

Single language ability and combined programs for children to enhance comprehension and expression.  

These are intense and fun learning programs designed for students above the age of 8 to learn to understand and make use of language creatively through reading, poetry & singing, grammar and writing push-ups (writing exercises) through which we aim to build vocabulary, improve sentence structure and fluency. 

Why English Language :-

The sublime feeling of being heard and understood is to have a part of one's self travel places; and well-conveyed ideas have the potential to start waves of change.  It lays the foundation for the vast world of words and opportunities for self-expression and limitless learning. English language being a very common medium to reach out and communicate with a large number of people puts it at the top of the 'must-learn' / 'must know' list of skills for everyone in the 21st Century.


Artistic and reflective workshops in visual and literary arts for everyone where creations are not assessed on the criteria of correct-incorrect, pleasing-unattractive or achievement-failure but to revel in the process of learning and doing.

Students designing their stamps and testing them in a workshop in a classroom in India.
A duo reciting their poem during a poetry writing workshop in India.

These are hands-on experiences in drawing, crafting and designing using different materials and mediums and poetry writing and reciting with students in schools, public learning spaces and NGOs where students learn the fundamentals and have the freedom to have their own escapade with the artform.